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A few sports have a different starting date: The final thing to remember about phone calls regards voicemails and dropped calls.If a coach leaves a message that does not include recruiting discussion, it does not count as a phone call and the coach may call again that week.If you are not logged in, messages are sent to an inbox.If you are logged in, many are received as instant messages.The list of printed recruiting materials is long and complicated, but it includes most things a coach would want to mail.The biggest headache is that it limits the size, color, and design of some mailings. If something is not private, it is not permitted due to the NCAA’s rules against a school publicizing their recruiting efforts.Generally, coaches may not call recruits until July 1 between their junior and senior year in high school.

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Printed recruiting materials are strictly regulated based on the type of mailing sent.Telephone calls are the source of a great deal of stress for coaches because their frequency is strictly limited and they start relatively late in the recruiting process.That is one big reason for the large number of violations that occur regarding recruiting phone calls.In addition, if you receive notifications via text message (like every time you receive a Twitter DM) then coaches are not supposed to send them, as a way to get around the text message ban.

Facebook messages are a special case because they can change based on whether a user is logged in, not just what the user’s settings are.

The NCAA has three basic categories of correspondence.

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