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is the textbook definition of perfectly rendered fashion photography, with a generous use of a location shoot coupled with a model looking her very best.

This pictorial was shot on Maldives and gives me serious travelers envy, eliciting all the excitement about summer to come with azure waters and resort living.

Hopefully he gets the main character in a upcoming drama. I don't like your couple in we got married, you deserve got a better girl. Ilike that he's himself even though they have some scripts, his true nature comes out really offten!! I will patiently be waiting for your new drama """Orange Marmalade"" I am always waiting and hoping the time you could work together with Park SHin Hye...yesss with Shin Hye??? but they don't have chemistry...afterwards;;; BOOM..are great in that action-comedy sitcom... i love the way lee jong hyun played his role in AGD.. He is so charming, has a lovely voice and a great guitar player....... as a fan, im happy i can see different side of you in gentleman's dignity, although your acting maybe not perfect but you can play that role well and as a fan that follow you since cnblue debut i can say i dont see jonghyun in colin except maybe your guitar and singing ability, waiting for your next project jonghyun, will always support you whatever you do.. I think you're talented, handsome and the whole package!!!

Very sexy voice but he too is handsome & sexy looking. His part is as a serious Cupid person who runs a cafe. I love him in Gentleman's Diginity He has so much charms, His purity, his smile, his look and everything perfect Hope to see him in more upcoming lead roles As I am happy for that man oh soo with goddess Kim So Eun With loves Wow awesome actor. He certainly has such a sift whispery raspy voice which makes him that much mre handsome. In other words the only thing why Orange Marmalade is worth watching is because of this idol and actor. I'll be following your career from Alabama in the USA... that eager me want to see him in another drama soon wanna see many face of jonghyun again just like in AGD I really really LOVE Jong hyun.....

Very bright individual who ends up falling for his own spell. If u haven't seen this drama it certainly is a "MUST WATCH". he has a soft but good looking face and his expressions are to die for!!!!!! Look forward to seeing him in future dramas-movies. This is why in this drama is only worth watching the second lead character which (Lee Jong-Hyun) plays. Looking forward to seeing your career in acting progress ... They're good in music performance and as well in dramas : D I like his character in AGD. :p got to see cnblue concert in japan, jonghyun so mature and manly in real life but in AGD he can act as teenager and really cute to the max, when i will see real jonghyun like colin??

He has totally immersed himself as the character he's portraying. its honestly for adorable paired with his overly attractiveness! FNC should tap more into his amazing talent and give us his fans more of Lee Jong Hyun. Won me over as Collin in A Gentleman's Dignity and killed it in Orange Marmalade. lol Great second lead actor in Orange Marmalade , besides liking the character he plays in the drama. The drama Orange Marmalade wasn't that bad , but the main character gets to your nerves. Just saw you as Colin in "A Gentleman's Dignity", and you are a fantastic actor with a beautiful smile and a beautiful voice!!!

The way he talked, OMo~~ I love his chemistry with Kim So-eun... His voice is the most beautiful thing I've ever heard. Can't wait for Orange Marmalade which is actually first airing on your 25th birthday!! SO, fighting , maybe you and Seung Yeon will get close for real or just become great friends , anyway have fun!!! my burning desires is with you to work with Park Shin Hye and some comedy action drama..would be unique as far as my sense is concern.... When i first time i look his so shame and humble person . he has a very nice voicy nice e and i love his way of singing.. Anyways keep working hard and looking forward to seeing your sly smile :) He was not in Heart Strings, but fellow band mate Lee Min Hyuk was in it.

After watching his drama orange marmalade I think he will do well in another drama as a mean carcter it would be totaly great if he was a cast of an action or comedy drama it suits him a lot plus he is very handsome I have listened to the song he sang in Gentleman's dignity on repeat for the last week and have yet to get sick of it. Jonghyun is good in acting, singing, and great in playing guitar. I love to see your laughter, you are really handsome and be your true self. He speaks what he thinks is right to say , (being true to himself) I like the group as a whole but , they all have great qualities that make them shine!! although she works with Yong Hwa and Min Hyuk already... LOOLL ohh boy I might sense weird but I have been wishing that they coud work some CF I always hope...;) :) I like your style when i see Jong-hyun on WGM Yong Hwa and Seo Hyun couple plus in Running Man too one of them variety show i addicted watching RM every week . he's so handsome most especially when he simply smile having an innocent face.. I congratulate him for A gentleman's Dignity...really shed real tears, what a great actor.... I prefer your voice to be honest, rather than your bandmate's (Jong Hwa).. But that's probably because yours seems more POP-ish and its more romantic, softer, this is not a very good explanation, the right word is seductive...

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LOVE U , SHINCHA NOMU NOMU SARANGHE, CHUAYEA, just fyi, Yonghwa offered several dramas and film. And he isn't married yet (lol who's spread that info), even plan to married at 40 y.o. also i can say your a good actor Jung Yong Hwa I luv U oppa.. Jung Yong Hwa my ambition is i want to see U face to face only ones in my lyf tym.. i fallen in love with you not because you are a star, but you have gentle heart i got to can be my life partner and i am sure that one day we will meet and will be together.... Your an awesome guy that everyone might wish to meet and I'm one of them. I hope that someday you will be paired again with Park Shin Hye in a drama. I love your chemistry between you and Park Shin Hye. Jung Yong Hwa is a all-rounded entertainer in the media industry. He has chosen roles that appeal to us overseas audience. I'm one of your fans who fell in love with your majestic voice, great personality, amazing talent, and triumphant beauty. in heartstrings he was perfect , so love how he act in it .. He has such a great chemistry in that show with Kim so run. I love your chemistry with Kim So Eun in this drama.. A normal guy passionate about his trade drawing us in with his charisma. How can a single human being be so musically talented and amazing? Keep it up and make all of your fans happy and proud of your good acting... Lately though they've been doing a lot better and Jonghyun (aka my bae my Pina Colada ;)), Minhyuk and Jungshin are getting out there more. It just comes naturally to him and that's what we as people love. Lee jong hyun please give us more of your orange marmalade wishes for ur coming years..... Like, the ones that remain collected and mysterious and don't smile often. Heartstring is the movie i never get tired of watching . I also wish you both get married , as you look so cute together. i keep on watching it and i really like you singing.. you are very handsome, of course, you knew that already, but your eyes are very kind, and genuine! I really liked the song but was very upset that the MV was so negative! Please, Please, Please do your best to be a positive role model for the next generation, you are in an amazing position..can either help or hinder. I really do enjoy your music and dramas, I look forward to seeing them all! Abigail I love that you guys going to Mexico I'm Mexican , American but I'm weird about you guy it's really dangerous it's been almost 10 years that we my family and I don't visit Mexico because all the crime in Mexico we use to go every Sumer it was awesome but now we are afraid to go well jest letting you guys know I'm weird about you guys if it was me I would not go but if you guys still going all prey for you and god bless my two daughter s are really big fans and that way I love your music your songs are awesome I think your really nice kids I love him...thank god he didn't take the role in the heirs it doesn't suits more a role in a boy next door type of drama....i hope he will be pair up again to park shin hye....

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simply dhebakkkkk................................... Jung hwa,i came to know about you aftr wtchn hrtstrings.(my favourite drama).i like your voice is you are so talented.i am a these days korean tv series are very famous over here.i really love acting and plz carry on it.i wish u good luck:) hi! You're so cool, great actor and also a great singer... *throwhearts* your performance and acting is awesome ,(superb attitude) i really loved Korean drama first time after watching Heartstrings am became you fan, even i was not understanding korean language bcoz of you expressions only i understand I don't know why, but for every single K-Drama, although he is the main protagonist, I always fall in love with the cool, chill and emo looking guys. I hope you'll couple with Park Shin Hye and get married. I hope I can met with u, then I can give u a birthday cake and say "Happy Birthday" to you, and I give a gift for you:) Oppa i love your personality ,your talent in music & your acting . I hope we get to watch more movies of both of you together. ..i first saw you on heartstrings and i came to like you a lot..^_^ i hope you read this. I watched one of your music videos and was disappointed in the destruction and violence you portrayed with your band members. I feel like you could be an amazing role model for young men. I was so stung to see this beautiful handsome MAN named “Jeong Yong-Hwa”, that my hearted started to thump faster and faster-I was in awh. I wish i could see you face to face,,#Daydreaming,hahhaha Hope you will continue to act in many dramas, so that i can see a talented person and a handsome face on you, Yong Hwa.. :) has been liked you ever since you appeared in the earlier episodes of Running Man ... your acting has gotten much better now compared to when you started out ... I firstly watched heartstrings and then I watched all of ur dramas ! please try 2 conduct a world tour again and include Russia ..[I hope u would see this] saranghe p.s. But in the drama He's beautiful I was so sad that u were not the main role . i'm sorry for your bad news at the beginning of the year, i hope you are not sad and discouraged about your problems. Stay healthy and Keep fighting ✊ Hi Jung Yong-Hwa, I enjoyed the drama 'Heartstrings' very much. I hope you get roles with Park Shin Hye again in the near future. for now i am watching" the package"..haha,youre such a good kisser in see you in person :) When a friend of mine got me to get Netflix, I watched for the first time Korean episodes of “You’re Beautiful”. that my wish i want to see you in person im going crazy because of you .. His voice is really nice to hear and his band' songs and musics are so good. hope you grow well in whatever your future undertakings... plz- park shin hye and jung joung hwa work together in dramas! but I desperately wants to see u performing live over my country, in Russia. it's your talents talents shine u brighter 2 the brightest. how can u be so so so so so so so so talented & why did god give every thing to u. at first i don't really fan of kpop..when i heard your songs.. Love you and the rest of the CNBLUE to infinity and beyond, to the moon and back! Although, this month I'm watching FUTURE'S CHOICE... Saranghae oppa~ I hope more projects to come and also to your group.... I already watched heartstring for three times and never get bored. My favorite character from you is still Kang Shin-Woo, but a close second place is Park Dal-Hyang! Funny to tell but I'd like to express feeling to be your student in MUSIC if ever, maybe I will be your fast learner student if ever you were the one will teach me OPPA... Jung Yong Hwa Oppa I verry like you, I like your voice, I like your smile, I like your eyes, I like everything what u have. I love to see park sin hye eonni & jung oppa together. Now, i will be looking forward to see "heartstrings" for sure. Se Joo oppa, I hope the ratings are going to shoot off the charts!