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06-Sep-2019 23:47

Randy and Gina's story provides insight on coping through losing a...

In this episode, Tres shares the story of how Arizona Christian Counseling came to be.

In this special episode, we discuss the epidemic of sexual assault not only in our culture but in the local church.

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In this podcast, we discuss how to deal with these situations and approach the holiday season with a new...In this episode, we discuss how Christian spirituality is intended to be useable, authentic, and practical.We go over a few listener questions that address shame, forgiveness, redemption, and discerning the will of God in our lives.In this episode, we discuss how to set boundaries in a romantic relationship.

We talk about red flags that come up when a couple becomes too enmeshed, and how to use boundaries to strengthen relationships.In this episode, Tres tackles some controversial opinions around Christians and dating.He provides some practical suggestions as well as a step-by-step guide for discerning what to look for in a future spouse. In this episode, we discuss stigma and victim-blaming around those who struggle with mental illness.In this special episode, Tres interviews Randy and Gina Weeks who share the story of how they lost their first child together.

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