Chilli tlc dating bill

13-Oct-2019 18:10

However, she explained that Dallas had demanded the details of him paying her the money be removed from the final cut of the film.Chili said that Dallas didn’t want this to be film because he feared the reaction of his now 18-year-old son with Chili and others.According to the depo, the lawyer grilling Chili asked her if she had an abortion with Dallas Austin’s baby.

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She said Dallas raised the issue with Viacom and VH1 and they all had a conversation prior to the film being released.She said network execs agreed to remove the details of him paying for the procedure from the final cut of the film.The singer admitted that if Dallas had taken issue with the film showing him cheating with various women, she would not have conceded in removing those details because that was real life.Says Chilli in the preview clip: “I feel like I could really fall for this guy.