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The court has the power to enforce the order by ordering her to do unpaid work or even fining her. In addition, unless the agreement was recorded in a deed or other contract then it is likely to be unenforceable.

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I’m asking for half way meets and a drop in the spousal as my ex has a part time job job now and had 5 years to re-train and the children are at school full time.The content of said letters are misleading which I feel is inappropriate.I am also due to visit the contact centre before their supported contact takes place within the next few weeks.I would suggest that it is important to find out the reason why she may not comply with the order and see if you can resolve the problem before applying to the court. My parents had verbally agreed that my father would be given the entire property provided that it will always be mine. I was never given a share of the property and it seems like my fathers new wife has no intention of giving me any part of it. However, due to the passage of time it is likely that the agreement will not be enforceable and the court would not look favourably on a new application by your mother. Lucy Cohen – Partner Williscroft & Co Solicitors To be brief I took my ex to court as she wanted to move my son froma specialist school to a mainstream inclusion.