Audrey bitoni chat

21-Oct-2019 01:39

Apparently some pornstars actually have pay-rates for you to just access their snapchat... With that being said, if she's content with how much she's made from porn/escorting, then that's her choice I guess.I just hope she realizes that the high cash flows she's been getting all these years is going to dry up very fast in a few years, and she hasn't done much to at least retain a passive income from her career.^ It might be that the way Audrey has always marketed herself is the way SHE wants to do it and not the way YOU want to. She would probably be in most peoples top 10 (mine included) hopefully yours.It might be that early in her career she had other projects that, at the time, were more important than porn that porn took second place for a while. great pussy, great talent exploited very badly .....It'd be funny if her Twitter got hacked, but she didn't even notice it due to barely using it.I'm trying to be as respectful/civil as possible, but can anyone honestly not argue that she's done an absolutely atrocious job marketing herself?

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It just doesn't make sense to me why you wouldn't milk the system more when you could do so so easily.

The catfish account of her on Instagram has almost 250k followers from just posting non-nude pics from scenes photoshoots basically, and it isn't even near a year old (it's about ~9 months).

You may have your opinion while others may have a different opinion of Audrey.

She obviously earns enough to live, but I just don't understand why you wouldn't do so for the other opportunities.

tl;dr: she should at least be honest and up front with her fans and not give false teases like claiming she's going to start being active on Instagram.