Alex dating allkpop

17-Sep-2019 14:10

We ask for your continued interest, and I hope you understand that Ra Nia and many others are working for Ra Nia." i know it is sad, everybody hates on alex for no reason becasue she is different.

I feel that no matter how much Alex does right, people will always hate her.

Special treatment but she only gets to be in a portion of their dances and dance practices, even though she's said on Snapchat that she knows the full dances. Especially since Alex's "special treatment" wouldn't get hr anywhere anyway because Rania isn't popular.

If anyone new who is reading in the comments goes on Alex's twitter, she put up a post about this.

She said "If these lies keep surfacing magically I'll go ahead and come out with the truth.

Let it really hit the fan." So, yeah, this choreographer is straight lying on her and Alex isn't having it.

On Febraury 16, Alex Shibutani shared this Tweet below: Hey fam!

She raps in English because her Korean is not up to participate yet. The girls that are serious about their careers should find better companies that will treat them better and not favour other members just because they're foreigners.

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