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The co-location with analytica Lab Africa and food & drink technology Africa (fdt Africa) is sure to provide substantial synergy effects for both exhibitors and visitors.

South Africa’s economy is among the strongest on the African continent.

In particular, highlighting the subtle changes that have occurred in the country’s energy supply.

The total number of jobs reported in the first quarter showed an increase of 56 000 from the previous quarter, bringing the total number of persons employed in the formal non-agricultural sector to 9 838 000.

The following are a few key facts about municipal debt, from Statistics South Africa’s latest Service delivery protests in South Africa have become a widespread occurrence in recent years.

Residents take to the streets in protest against poor services received in their communities, hoping that their voices will be heard and their problems fixed.

South Africa, while part of the African Caribbean Pacific group of countries, is not party to the same preferential trade arrangements granted to the African Caribbean Pacific countries under the Cotonou Agreement. The EU is by far South Africa’s most important development partner, providing for 70% of all external assistance funds.

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Stefan Rummel, the International Managing Director of Messe München who oversees the global IFAT cluster, is certain: “By combining the three trade fairs, we are creating a concept that will uniquely highlight the special features of the African market and offer the right, overarching solutions.

Note: empty fields denote ‘no trade’, NE means ‘not eligible’ * “Domestic exports” (by the US) measures goods that are grown, produced, or manufactured in the United States, and commodities of foreign origin that have been changed in the United States.

Goods may be changed in a US FTZ, from the form in which they were imported, or they may be enhanced in value or improved in condition by further processing or manufacturing in the United States. - tralac’s online AGOA information portal South Africa is a middle-income, emerging market with an abundant supply of natural resources; well-developed financial, legal, communications, energy, and transport sectors and a stock exchange that is the 15th largest in the world.

The liberalisation schedules were completed by 2012.

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In June 2016, South Africa signed EU - SADC EPA together with 5 other southern African countries (Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, and Swaziland). South Africa's trade relations with the EU are governed by the Trade, Development and Co-operation Agreement concluded with the EU in 1999.

Communities are raising their voices about issues such as access to electricity, housing, water and sanitation, health, and social security.