Accommodating iol synchrony

12-Mar-2020 15:44

As it ages further the lens becomes yellow and our vision starts to decline at which stage it is called a cataract.Almost everyone over the age of 40 or so will be affected by presbyopia or cataracts.This means that the light affects the macromers to cause very specific swelling or thinning of the lens implant changing the focus to give the patient the best vision possible for their eye.

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What makes the LAL unique is the incorporation of unique materials called ‘macromers’ which were developed by Calhoun Vision Inc.The lens is implanted using a micro-incision surgical technique where no stitches are required as day case surgery.Approximately 2 weeks after surgery when the wound has healed the patient returns for an adjustment of the lens to achieve the best vision the USA led by a team of Nobel Prize winning Scientists.

The Synchrony accommodating IOL Visiogen, Abbott Medical Optics, AMO, Santa Ana, CA, USA, is a silicone-made,1,5,7,9,11,12 single-piece IOL, that has a.… continue reading »

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Oct 25, 2016. Novel accommodating IOLs outside the U. S. include the Synchrony dual-optic IOL Abbott Medical Optics, FluidVision PowerVision, Sapphire.… continue reading »

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